Understand Ethics / Teach Yourself Ethics

coverUnderstand Ethics introduces the main ethical theories and key thinkers, to show how people have argued in the past. But it also examines modern ethical issues and case studies. It is written for the general reader, at A level students, and at those who are thinking about, or preparing for, the start of a university course including ethics.

The most recent editions include sections on Feminism, Genetics, Business Ethics and Environmental Ethics, as well as a chapter on scepticism and relativism in ethics.

This book is often listed as Teach Yourself Ethics, the title of earlier editions. It's essentially the same book, but with up-dated examples and topics.

The list of chapters is given on the right (or below, if viewing on a phone). For a more detailed list of contents, along with sample material from the Introduction, just click on one of the Amazon links, where you can 'Look Inside' the book.

Reviews on Amazon include the following...

'As I started reading and taking notes, I discovered that it really is a helpful guide to morals and ethics! Well-written and easy to understand, this book gets to the point and will really get you thinking. HIGHLY recommended for any beginning students of philosophy.'

'This is the best book I've read on the subject. Its very clearly written, it explains the views of all the relevant people and gives practical examples along the way. So this is a recommendation, and it also applies to "Teach Yourself Philosophy" by the same author.'

Ethics for LifeIf you are considering buying a copy, please be aware that Ethics for Life, published in October 2018, is a new and revised edition of this book.

That does not detract from the value of this one, of course, and the new edition includes much of the text of the previous ones, albeit with a rather more personal slant to the introduction.

A majority of students and general readers have continued to use the earlier edition, however.

304 pages

5th edition, 2010

Teach Yourself (Hodder)



1. Intro: The Art of Living

2. Free to Choose?

3. What do we Mean?

4. Is it Natural?

5. Looking for Results

6. The Experience of Moral Choice     

7. Personal Development and Virtue       

8. Law and Order 

9. Religion and Moral Values

10. Scepticism and Relativism 

11. Applied Ethics

Some Conclusions - Taking it Further

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