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WarnockMary Warnock

This biography of Mary Warnock, published in 2021, is available FREE as a pdf download, direct from the publishers.

Mary Warnock made huge contributions to thinking in the spheres of practical ethics and public policy: in education - particularly of those with special needs - in the issue of infertility and the use of IVF, and in the moral and practical issues surrounding the question of assisted dying. She was articulate in her criticism of the National Curriculum in the UK and questioned the nature and direction of university education - pressing home her argument that the fundamental purpose of education should be the cultivation of the imagination, something sadly lacking in the views of her one-time nemesis, Margaret Thatcher.

Her philosophical books on Ethics have also provided a sound basis for evaluating the various theories that came to dominate ethical thinking over the 20th century. Above all, she brought ethics out of the narrow linguistic confines into which it had steered itself by the 1950s and 60s, and enabled it to engage with genuine and pressing moral issues.

Sometimes, a biography can be the best way to start to get to grips with the thinking of a philosopher, and that is certainly the case here. Philip Graham's book is readable and engaging. Without patronising the reader in any way, it also provides an outline of Mary Warnock's ethical thinking against the background of the 'ordinary language' school of thought in the Oxford of her younger days, and her critical interest in Sartre and existentialism. She escaped the narrow confines of academia, to apply her intellect to framing public policy on crucial moral and practical issues.

I cannot imagine why anyone interested in moral issues would not want to take advantage of being able to download this book for free!

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