philosophy and ethics

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Anthropic argument, The

Me (Art of Living series)

Bali nikon

Berchtesgaten nikon

Brimstone Press (a not-for-profit, self-publishing cooperative)


Cosmological arguments, The

Eastern Philosophy

Eastern Philosophy, Understand (Teach Yourself series)

Essex Parched nikon

Ethical Theory (Access for Students series)


Ethics for Life (Teach Yourself series)

Ethics, Understand (Teach Yourself series)

Etica (Spanish Edition of  Teach Yourself Ethics)

Existentialism, Understand (Teach Yourself series)

Faith and Reason

For the Curious (Audio Series)

Gran Canaria nikon

Home: a philosophy of personal space

Hyde Hall (R.H.S. Garden) nikon

Iceland nikon

Introduction to Philosophy and Ethics, An (Access for Students series)

Is the Philosophy of Religion a Mistake?

Julian Alps nikon

Kant's Ethics

Lake District nikon

Language (Religious)

Meta Ethics

Mind, Philosophy of


Monkey Forest (Bali) nikon

Montmartre (Paris) nikon

Natural Law (general notes)

Natural Law (magazine article)

New Zealand nikon

Norway nikon

Ontological Argument, The

Philosopher’s Beach Book, The

Philosophers Behaving Badly

Philosophy for Life

Philosophy Magazines

Philosophy of Religion, Understand (Teach Yourself Books)

Philosophy, General

Philosophy, Understand (Teach Yourself Books)

Political Philosophy

Preparing for an examination

Problem of Evil, The

Provence nikon

Religion and Science (Access for Students series)

Religion, Philosophy of

Religious Experience

Sartre (Review: Forms of Life and Subjectivity: Rethinking Sartre’s Philosophy by Garrido)

Self-publishing (through Brimstone Press)

Science, Philosophy of

Spitsbergen nikon

St. Petersburg nikon

Stockholm nikon

Swiss Alps nikon

Teilhard de Chardin (in Through Mud and Barbed Wire)

Thought Experiments

Through Mud and Barbed Wire

Tillich, Paul (in Through Mud and Barbed Wire)


Venice nikon

Vienna nikon

Warnock, Mary(practical ethics / public policy)

World Philosophy

For a list of topics in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, covered in my notes for students and teachers, start here...

Phil for life

From the publisher's publicity...

Philosophy For Life is the essential introduction to the history of Western thought, covering key thinkers, both ancient and modern, and the major branches of philosophy. But more than that, it is a toolkit for developing new insights into the world we live in.

HomeHome: a philosophy of personal space

This book explores the idea that we make it habitable by superimposing a personal map over an impersonal world. It is an invitation to reflect of self and home, identity and belonging.

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This is the story of two two great religious thinkers who found themselves on opposite sides in the Great War, and whose experience of the battlefields shaped their thinking and their lives - Paul Tillich (a Lutheran chaplain) and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (a Catholic stretcher-bearer).

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Philosophers Behaving Badly

... lifts the lid on the human side of philosophy, but also introduces the ideas and the lives of some great thinkers.