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These galleries show only a small selection of the images in my collection, and are reproduced in low-resolution.

 High resolution TIFF files  are available for publication. 

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St Petersburg


 Here are a small selection of my photographs of St Petersburg, featuring Catherine Palace, the Hermitage and the Peterhof. St Petersburg is an amazing city, full of life and culture. The couple of days spent there in May 2011 were hardly enough to whet the appetite; there is so much to see.


First, just a few images of Catherine Palace






The Hermitage - both the building and the art - is overwhelming. As with the palaces, it is the sheer amount of gold leaf that hits you between the eyes. I have major questions about the morality of ever embarking on such decoration and the lavish life that went with it, but as a phenomenon it is remarkable.




And the wonderful gardens and fountains at the Peterhof.