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|  New Zealand  |

Our holidays in New Zealand have been hugely enjoyable. The sense of space, of light and of unspoiled nature is - to me - like nowhere else I've visited. From the magnificence of the Southern Alps to the geothermal, sulphurous landscapes of the Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand has so much to offer.  But be warned - no holiday is long enough to see everything!

The road approaching Mount Cook from the south west

Near Mount Cook, South Island; the water grey as it carries material out from the glacier.

Lake Marion - well worth the hike up from the road, near the divide, to the east of Milford Sound.

The Tongariro Crossing is one of New Zealand's most spectacular walks. This photograph shows the 'red crater' on the eastern slope of Mount Tongariro. On the right, walkers work their way along the ridge leading up to Tongariro, dwarfed in the landscape.

Looking southwards from the 'red crater', Mount Tongariro, towards Mount Ngauruhoe. Not exactly crowded - but you can see one tiny figure to the right of the photo, skirting the crater.

A huge fissure on the eastern side of the red crater.  As you descend towards the Emerald lakes, the ground is warm beneath your feet, with steam rising from fissures in the ground.

Tree ferns abound in woodland in central North Island. Even some of the most modest walks can be so rewarding in North Island, not least because of the song of the Tui and Bell birds.