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religion and science

Religion and Science, which was originally published by Hodder Education in their Access series for A-Level, is now available as a Kindle ebook, but its text is still FREE on this website.

The price has also crashed... The book used to be £12.99; the ebook is £1.85! And you can take a look, as well as 'cut and paste' for teaching and study purposes for free. Can't be fairer than that!

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There is some wonderful material out there on the web; but new sites and blogs are appearing all the time, and it's difficult to keep track.

Therefore, I'd be very pleased to hear from you if you find a site or blog particularly helpful - anything dealing with religion, philosophy or ethics. Just email me the details.


FREE notes for A-level students! Recent additions to this site are found below. If you are interested in a particular subject, try the links on the left, or select 'Books' above and go from there. Just come and look around!

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Revised notes for the 'Notes for Students' page:

Language explores issues arising from Wittgenstein's Tractatus, Logical Positivism, Verification and 'Language Games' , both generally and in relation to religious language, with brief notes on 'experiencing as', 'believing in', analogy, myth and symbolism. 

First World War

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Monkey forest

Van Gogh's influence on Heidegger...

van Gogh bootsIf you are interested in van Gogh, Heidegger and the Philosophy of Art, take a look at my review of A Shoe Story by Lesley Chamberlain - by clicking on van Gogh's Boots with Laces.



brainNatural selection and a mistaken view of neuroscience - a frustrated rant!

I am tired of hearing that the mind is simply a product of chemical and electrical activity in the brain. Have those who take this mistaken view of neuroscience never heard of Darwin?


Am I extracting urine, or is there a serious point to this?

urinat in ventum

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Welcome to my site!

As well as information about my own books and lecture notes, I've assembled here a range of other material on philosophy and ethics, with my recommendations.

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When it comes to conveying ideas, images can sometimes say more than words. Hence my inclusion of VISUAL PHILOSOPHY on this site - images that make you think!

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Buddhism: Key Ideas

From Abhidhamma to Zen, this book offers a simple introduction to key Buddhist ideas - each explained in straightforward language.

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