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Buddhism: Key Ideas

From Abhidhamma to Zen, this book offers a simple introduction to key Buddhist ideas - each explained in straightforward language.

Available in Kindle format for only £1.53!

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Self with or without selfies

For a good review article by Stan Persky (on Barry Dainton's 'Self') covering issues on 'self' and 'consciousness' click here. This provides a wide overview of issues, although I'm never quite sure of the value of thought experiments. Well worth reading.

There is some wonderful material out there on the web; but new sites and blogs are appearing all the time, and it's difficult to keep track.

Therefore, I'd be very pleased to hear from you if you find a site or blog particularly helpful - anything dealing with religion, philosophy or ethics. Just email me the details.


The 'Hard Problem' of consciousness...

For the last 20 years, David Chalmers' 'Hard Problem' has been central to the Philosophy of Mind. How exactly does neural activity in the brain relate to out actual experience of being conscious? Click here for some of my thoughts on this and some other resources...


My 'Visual Philosophy' image for January...


1916 marks the centenary of the battle of Verdun. Here, on the right, is Teilhard de Chardin, one of the two theological veterans of Verdun to feature in my latest book (see below). See more...

Recent blog posts...

Violence in God's Name

ViolenceMy comments on this desperately relevant book, by Oliver McTernan, which appeared originally as a blog post, are reproduced here. The book reviews the history of violence in all world religions, and explores what it is that leads people to this form of radicalism and how it may be countered. There is no ethical topic more relevant today!

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blessedI've found a new book by Bishop Laurie Green - an exploration of the reality of life among the urban poor living in housing estates in the UK and the Church's engagement with them - a refreshing change from the Philosophy of Religion. With hard-hitting social and political comment, blended with a radical application of biblical texts, this is the best in engaged theology! See the post here.


My next book...


In June 1916, two remarkable religious thinkers found themselves on opposite sides of the battle of Verdun; for both the experience was uniquely formative, but they responded to it very differently. It transformed their ideas of God, their careers and their lives.

A German Lutheran chaplain and a French Jesuit stretcher bearer, although separated by only a few hundred yards of mud and barbed wire, tried to cope with, and make sense of, that horror of death and destruction on an unprecedented scale.

They – Paul Tillich and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin – reflect a century of thinking about religion, politics, humanism, existential angst and the global future.  Fashionable in the radical days of the 1960s, their ideas, and the experiences that gave rise to them, remain surprisingly relevant in the very different world of 2016, when the old supernatural ‘God’ is still not quite dead and a new one, in whatever secular form she may appear, struggles to be born.  It also happens to be a world in which people continue to slaughter one another for political, religious or ideological reasons, destroying the hope that the Great War of 1914-18 would be a ‘war to end war.’

I'm working on this book, but have not yet approached publishers. It is a subject I regard as of the utmost importance. I'll start posting extracts very soon, and will welcome comments.

Recent additions to the notes for AS and A level students...

I've added a set of notes on Kant's ethical theory - touching on both the Categorical Imperative and the postulates. (Added October 30th, 2015)

Utilitarianism offers a basic set of outline notes, including Bentham, Mill, Preference Utilitariaism and an assessment of some of its problems and advantages as an ethical theory. (Added October 29th, 2015)

The Cosmological Arguments gives a basic outline of Kalam Argument and the Cosmological Arguments from Aquinas,along with a link on the page to the Wi Fi presentations on the Cosmological Arguments. (Added October 20th, 2015)

The Problem of Evil - These notes have been revised and are now set out on a single web page, with clear section headings. and an outline of the Irenaean and Augustinian approaches, along with the Free Will Defence, a brief look at the impact of this problem on ideas of God and a note on the distinction here between philosophy and theology. (Added October 18th, 2015)

I have also revised and posted a set of notes on The Argument from Design, based on the relevant sections in my Introduction to Philosophy and Ethics. These are supplemented by the notes on the Anthropic Principle and Argument. (Added October 16th, 2015)

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Can the lyrics to ‘Henery the VIII’ resolve arguments about the existence of God?

Henry VIIII reckon one of the most innocently funny music hall songs ever, written by Murray and Weston in 1910,  is ‘Henery the VIII’ – although, of course, it should always be pronounced ‘Enery’ and rendered in a cockney accent.

It is also useful in assessing arguments for the existence of God. Let me explain... more


Is the philosophy of religion and mistake, and what on earth has this to do with mountains and looking? Read more...