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Buddhism: Key Ideas

From Abhidhamma to Zen, this book offers a simple introduction to key Buddhist ideas - each explained in straightforward language.

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There is some wonderful material out there on the web; but new sites and blogs are appearing all the time, and it's difficult to keep track.

Therefore, I'd be very pleased to hear from you if you find a site or blog particularly helpful - anything dealing with religion, philosophy or ethics. Just email me the details.

FREE notes for A-level students! Recent additions to this site are found below. If you are interested in a particular subject, try the links on the left, or select 'Books' above and go from there. Just come and look around!

Recent additions to this site...

Notes for AS and A level students...

I have added a page on the Ontological Argument, with some material taken from my Introduction to Philosophy and Ethics supplemented with further comments and reflections. (28th September 2015)

And I have revised the various items on on Miracles and put them on a single webpage, to make them more accessible for students.  (1st October 2015)


Is the philosophy of religion and mistake, and what on earth has this to do with mountains and looking? Read more...

October's 'Visual Philosophy.' Civilisations come and go... but by what should you judge progress?


We have just returned from holiday on Crete, a wonderful island with sophisticated Minoan remains from the second millennium BCE and generous, friendly people, along with half-built, abandoned hotels and EU-funded roads that go almost nowhere... See more.

Quick thoughts...quick thoughts

For students at GCSE or above, those just starting out on philosophy - or for general discussion groups, I'm adding 'quick thoughts' to the Philosophy (General), Ethics Philosophy of Religion and Political Philosophy subject pages. Try them and let me know what you think.

Self with or without selfies

For a good review article by Stan Persky (on Barry Dainton's 'Self') covering issues on 'self' and 'consciousness' click here. This provides a wide overview of issues, although I'm never quite sure of the value of thought experiments. Well worth reading.

brainThe 'Hard Problem' of consciousness...

For the last 20 years, David Chalmers' 'Hard Problem' has been central to the Philosophy of Mind. How exactly does neural activity in the brain relate to out actual experience of being conscious? Click here for some of my thoughts on this and some other resources...

A new publishing venture...

Papermill books

Papermill Books has just re-publishing five historical novels by a local author, in conjunction with the Little Baddow History Centre. If you're interested in historical fiction and particularly in Essex - take a look!

Papermill Books will also be producing the e-book and print-on-demand versions of my own books, and - who knows - other authors might like to join in this new venture.

So, if you have a book you want to see published, get in touch and we can share ideas!

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Welcome to my site!

As well as information about my own books and lecture notes, I've assembled here a range of other material on philosophy and ethics, with my recommendations.

If you have any questions, comments, or material you'd like me to include on this site, please email me by clicking here.  

When it comes to conveying ideas, images can sometimes say more than words. Hence my inclusion of VISUAL PHILOSOPHY on this site - images that make you think!

And while on the site, why not visit my other photo galleries?

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Need some help with AS and AS level? Just click on the Notes for students link at the top of the page for my lecture notes on various topics in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics.

Revised notes for the 'Notes for Students' page:

Religious Experience   What kinds of experiences are called 'religious'? Is it what is experienced, or how it is experiences that makes it religious?  Can religious experience be used to prove the existence of God? (These notes provide a basic introduction to the topic for those taking A Level Religious Studie - they may be freely copied for personal use and for teaching.)

Henry VIII

Can the lyrics to ‘Henery the VIII’ resolve arguments about the existence of God?

I reckon one of the most innocently funny music hall songs ever, written by Murray and Weston in 1910,  is ‘Henery the VIII’ – although, of course, it should always be pronounced ‘Enery’ and rendered in a cockney accent.

It is also useful in assessing arguments for the existence of God. Let me explain... more